If your love life is completely stagnant or bland, try putting these carefully documented suggestions into practice that guarantee that your relationship lasts over time.

In the same way that people who live permanently short romantic relationships get frustrated without fully understanding why once again it has not worked, those who have been living as a couple for years also often suffer the ravages of routine and boredom. We constantly hear about tips to regain passion, improve communication and even feel more attractive to meet a special person. Great, but all these efforts do not always translate into triumphs and we begin to consider that it is not possible to maintain a stable, lasting and happy relationship.

Dialogue is crucial, but it doesn't make any sense if we have it with someone we don't have regard for. Leading quality for years in world surveys on the main characteristics that a partner must have to function. We are people and we all have positive and negative points. Instead of recriminating our partner when he does not do, say or think something inappropriate for us, we have to assume that they are different people and that they behave differently: we must accept them as they are and allow them to act in their way.

In addition to being something that boredom does, thanking our partner from time to time can transform a relationship. A maxim is to be educated, endorsed by scientists from the University of Georgia, who, after interviewing 468 people to find out what was the trait of their spouses that made them feel better, determined that recognition was the main protagonist of happier marriages. You do not have to walk behind the other person thanking them for breathing, just small gestures such as helping with a situation or expecting doing it if it is always one of the two who carries it, daily offerings such as preparing a coffee.

Physical affection helps us to calm stress and improves our mood in general thanks to the increase in the levels of serotonin in our body, that hormone known as the one in charge of making us feel good.

In general, friends are much better at predicting the success of our relationships than we are, so pay attention to their advice and evaluations on the progress of your life as a couple or your behaviour since you are with a new person.


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