Have you been struggling for some time to lose the extra pounds? Stop stressing yourself! Fuller women are incredible, and men know that. The Department of Psychology at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) conducted a new and exciting study. This research showed that men who marry curvy women have a chance to live longer and be happier.

According to the study, men married to chubby women were much happier than men married to thin women. In addition, the study showed that when they were in the company of big women, men smiled more often and more easily solved the problems they faced.

Alvarado and Morales, who conducted this study, believe that fuller women can anticipate and meet the needs of men. Moreover, the research results show that skinny women are more reserved and less friendly than chubby women.

The same research showed that chubby women better understand their partners' problems and anticipate their needs. This means that overweight women have a few extra pounds of fat and more love to offer. In addition, they are much more sensitive and attentive to the needs of their partners.

Women need to be more confident and not lose their self-esteem because they weigh a few extra pounds. Even if society urges us to focus on physical appearance, we must be aware that a person's goodness has nothing to do with weight.

Two people who love and respect each other can live happily ever after. If your partner weighs a few extra pounds, you shouldn't force her to lose weight. Remember that a plump woman brings a lot of happiness to a man.


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