Breaking up can be extremely painful. The suffering that comes with it can urge you to immediately seek reconciliation with your partner at any cost. If together it is good and alone it is very bad, there seems to be only one solution, isn't there?

Well, opinions are divided. Some people want to move on and never return to a relationship that is over. Others believe it is okay to reconcile if the context is right and healthy.

5 signs that reconciliation with your partner is possible

1. Desire is present on both sides.

First of all, if you are thinking about reconciling with the partner, you have to make sure that she/he wants the same thing. For the relationship to become harmonious again, it takes desire and determination, both on your part and on his/her part.

2. There are no potential dangers or intimidation.

Before considering a reconciliation, it is essential to ask yourself if the environment you want to return to is safe for you. Were there any physical, emotional or mental dangers during the relationship? Have you been threatened or abused by your ex-partner?

If the reason for the breakup was related to your lack of safety, you can be sure that it is better to stay away from that toxic environment.

3. Each of you can impose and respect limits.

Most conflicts between a couple occur due to violating limits or imposing limits inefficiently or not at all. You've probably been involved in a variety of squabbles, beginning with this one.

Now, if you want to reconcile, it is important to establish from the beginning a series of healthy limits, which each of you must respect unconditionally, for the sake of a fresh and harmonious relationship.

4. You both know what your relationship will look like in the future and discuss it.

Most of the time, among the reasons that lead to a breakup, is inefficient communication. When you have different goals and visions that you do not communicate, a lot of frustration can arise.

If your relationship ends up in such a situation, it may be helpful to talk openly, this time, about how each of you sees the relationship. If you realize you want the same things, reconciliation may be worth a try.

5. You are willing to talk about what went wrong and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Lack of communication can also mean ignoring problems or turning a small misunderstanding into an argument. If you consider reconciling with your partner, you must discuss in detail what did not work the first time. What happened then? Why was that situation reached? What are the mistakes you don't want to repeat?

Once you have clarified all these aspects, your relationship may not only start again but also be much stronger and more beautiful than last time.


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