Each of us enters into a relationship with our own needs, strengths, and vulnerabilities. The more we want to receive in that relationship, the better it is to offer. Even if each love affair is unique, there are still some steps of mature couples, common in the relationship between the two partners.

1- Listen to your partner.

As in any relationship, to communicate, we must first listen to what the other person has to say. Sometimes, the partner does not express his needs to us in words, but perhaps through delicate gestures or allusions. Listening to all the signals of the loved one helps us to understand messages that, maybe, he/she did not realize that he/she feels.

2- Keep your curiosity alive.

If at the beginning of a relationship, both partners are curious to find out as much as possible about the other's life, asking a lot of questions, over time, the two get to know each other better, and this curiosity seems to disappear.

But keeping it, you may not discover so many new things about your partner, but it helps you to consciously cross the present of your relationship. Ingenious, no-nonsense questions, simply meant to help the partner relax or maybe get good advice, are an attitude that deepens and keeps alive the relationship between the two.

3- Do we never have time?

Well, for love, we should always have time. We talk about a common time in the key moments of the day (maybe breakfast or morning tea, maybe dinner or phone calls to hear the voice of your loved one for at least a minute).

Holidays spent together are essential for the couple's health. Most of a couple's beautiful memories in a year are gathered from weekends or holidays spent together.

4- Accept the differences between you.

There is a lot of talk about harmony as a couple, and rightly so because two people with different life values ​​can choose, in the end, to go separately on the path of destiny. However, even in the longest-lived couples, there are differences between partners.

This is also natural because no two people are the same; therefore, the partners will have, from time to time, different opinions, not to mention hobbies. Everyone has the right to do what they want, and everyone has the right to an opinion. Accepting differences in the couple build a mature and happy relationship. 

5- Think positively and constructively.

In the relationship, as in any situation in our lives, we tend to make an assessment of our experiences, those thoughts through which we try to interpret what is happening to us or will happen to us. We can call it analysis or maybe interpretation, but we all have experiences in which the plan or ideas we made, in ourselves, about an event turned out to be far from reality. It just doesn't always happen what we think is happening.

Well, we make all these thoughts, involuntarily, about our partner. The advice of psychologists is to try to have a positive view of the gestures and messages of the partner, less critical, which proves our confidence in his love. We need trust to build a healthy relationship.

Thinking constructively helps us in trying to solve problems or tensions in the couple, leaving aside the impulsivity, and in building a plan through which we can maintain the depth of the relationship. Nothing falls from the sky, so in successful relationships, both partners are involved and dedicated, trying to build an environment conducive to the relationship, taking care that tenderness does not disappear and always giving time for fun and relaxation. @via lifehack.


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