There is something to look forward to if you drive a van. By mid-2023, Ford's electrification will include the Transit Custom series as both a fully electric van and plug-in hybrid van.

The Transit Custom series, which includes both the Ford Transit Custom and the Ford Tourneo Custom, also comes as a mild hybrid and with conventional engines. In other words, it will be the most comprehensive range of Ford Transit Custom ever.

The next generation of Ford Transit Custom, which includes full electric and plug-in hybrid, will strengthen Ford's position as Europe's largest in vans. The Transit Custom is one of our most important vans, and the electrification of this is particularly important for Ford of Europe to ensure sustainable and profitable operations.

In 2024, all Ford vans are expected to be available as either fully electric cans or plug-in hybrid vans. By offering a new generation of vans, Ford expects two out of three of the vans to be fully electric or plug-in hybrid by the time we hit 2030.

In 2020, Ford was the car manufacturer that sold the most vans in Europe for the sixth year in a row. That trend will also continue into the current 2021, which means that Ford is focusing even more on vans and new digital services for customers. The current Ford Transit Custom has 4G connectivity, while further enhancements to the FordPass Pro and Ford Fleet Management software are anticipated to be launched with the new generation of vans in 2023. @via car division.


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