Ford's worldwide service program, the Ford Pro, has just been launched to Ford's European van customers. With innovative digital solutions, Ford Pro brings together a range of services in one dedicated platform where customers can manage their connected and electrified fleet vehicles. In this way, van customers get the best possible overview of their fleet combined with lower costs and increased uptime.

Today, van customers have agreements with several providers when they need to find solutions for their van fleets in the financing, software, charging, etc. It requires both time and energy, but Ford gathers all services in one place with Ford Pro. In addition, Ford Pro keeps customers updated on the state of the fleet via live updates from vans, while customers also receive help with software, charging solutions, and financing.

"We are in a digital age where we are always online. Managing a fleet has never been more complex, but with Ford Pro, it will be easier for companies to increase their productivity with the help of Ford - a brand they can trust", says Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro.

The Ford Pro service is the first of its kind in vans that, with fully integrated digital solutions, helps van customers with fleet management simply and efficiently. Moreover, the Ford Pro is ready, regardless of whether the customers' vans run on petrol, diesel, or electricity, even if the van is not a Ford model.

"Our European van team has always been committed to helping our van customers succeed. With the launch of Ford Pro, we take this service to a new level with a whole new generation of exciting fully electric cars with associated digital services", says Hans Schep, General Manager, Ford Pro, Ford Europe.

The launch of the Ford Pro should be seen as a critical piece in Ford's goal of achieving a global revenue of $ 45 million by 2025 for its digital services.

The core of the Ford Pro is data that keeps both customers, and the service team informed about the car's condition so that customers always have the latest knowledge about each van. So whether customers want to manage to charge or be at the forefront of service checks or sudden warnings, the Ford-Pro solution provides increased productivity and minimizes downtime.

Ford Pro is available in Ford vans from 2019 onwards with a built-in modem. The spearhead is the iconic Transit - the world's most popular van, which has just been launched in an electric version with the Ford E-Transit.

The switch to electricity is both new and unknown territory for many customers. Ford Pro was just created to make customers aware of the many benefits of an electric fleet. In this connection, the transition to electricity is made easy and smooth for customers so that in addition to feeling safe, they also know how to get the most out of their new van. With the launch of Ford E-Transit, Ford's first fully electric van, a whole team of specialists is ready at Ford Pro, who can, among other things, guide and answer questions from van customers in connection with, for example, charging.

Ford Pro Charging keeps customers in hand in the transition to electric cars by offering a fully integrated fleet system that can identify the most efficient ways to charge in everyday life. With Ford Pro Charging, customers can, for example, charge via depot charging, public charging stations, or at the driver's home. In this connection, specialists will advise the customers and, in this way, ensure that the customers get precisely the charging solution that suits their electric fleet.

Ford offers a complete tailor-made solution that helps optimize the charging process for customers of the electric vans. For example, with Ford Pro Charging, customers get the necessary hardware installed, insight into the administration of the relevant software, and a simplified invoicing via the software - no matter where the driver chooses to leave the van.

Ford Pro Charging offers a charging solution with Ford Connected Wallbox at the home of the fleet's drivers so that the drivers can take the van home and charge at night. In this connection, the fleet manager will still be able to have an overview of the van's charging.

Ford Pro Charging offers a single integrated solution that covers the entire charging process from start to finish. We will work closely with a partner, and help customers secure the future of their business by finding the most efficient charging strategy that helps make the switch to electric cars as easy as possible, says Iza Lozowska, European Manager, Ford Pro Charging.

It is often associated with irritation when the car unexpectedly needs to be repaired. For customers, it not only hurts their wallets because of a possible workshop bill but it can be felt especially financially when the van is stationary and can not be used in daily work.

Inevitably, cars will occasionally have to go to a workshop, but being able to plan out of it can be of great importance to many of Ford's van customers. In this regard, the Ford Pro Service plays an important role because data from each van helps to keep the fleet manager up to date by notifying of any elements that need to be taken care of before it potentially develops into real damage - and results in downtime for the van.

According to Ford's estimates, Ford Pro's service, FORDLiive, helps reduce downtime by up to 60% for customers. In addition, since FORDLiive was introduced in selected markets in March 2021, the system has secured almost 125,000 more days on the road for cars with the system versus cars without the system.

FordLiive must be activated by the customers themselves, who, in other words, must provide access to share live data with both the Ford Transit Business Centers and the Ford Pro specialists. In this connection, the customer's Ford Transit Business Center will, for example, be able to go back 60 days and become wiser about the driving history and condition of each van. This makes it possible to save time, as it can be done before the van arrives at the center. This knowledge can be used to enable the center, with the help of Ford Telematics Essentials, to order in advance the spare parts for the home to be used for the van in question.

Small and medium-sized fleets can access a simple and flexible financing plan with Ford Pro FinSimple. When purchasing and leasing Ford vans, products, and services, specialists will assist European business customers with the best possible financing plan. The Ford Pro service is already available in France and the UK and will be continuously introduced to Ford's other European markets.


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