The writer and astrologer Samarpita Yashasvini named the most toxic and unpleasant signs of the zodiac. According to Yashasvini, such people tend to manipulate others, control everything, dominate, and are also pessimistic.


Aries are selfish and overly nervous people. It is easy to offend them, so it is worth thinking twice before you say anything to this zodiac sign. Communicating with Aries can be tiring because you never know what might hurt them and when.


Taurus are lovers of dominance and manipulation. They prefer to have things done the way they want it, and rarely compromise or make concessions. Adapting or adjusting to someone is not for them. Samarpita Yashasvini notes that although Taurus are owners, they do not care about the feelings of other people. For them, only their own emotions are important.


Gemini are sociable people - real extroverts. But this, according to the astrologer, is their falsity. People around them often do not trust Gemini, as they consider them to be two-faced.


Aquarians are cold and emotionally detached from the events around them. Representatives of this sign are also distrustful, which is why they are quite toxic. People around you quickly get bored - to constantly prove to Aquarius their loyalty and justice.


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