Vikings star Alex Høgh Andersen traveled across Denmark in the new Ford Mustang Mach-E electric car with his camera under his arm during the summer vacation. The goal was to photograph the zone of conflict between the past and the present. The end product is a stunning photo series and Alex's first solo show as a professional photographer.

When Alex Høgh Andersen is not fighting brutal battles as Ivar the Boneless in the Vikings TV series, he pursues his great interest in photography. Alex will hold his first solo exhibition in partnership with Ford Denmark on September 16. "Past & Present" is the exhibition's title, and the pieces address the transition that growth inevitably brings with it. In the works, the electrification of our automobiles is confronted with a number of decommissioned gas stations, but at the same time, familiar everyday life is depicted, which we only get the chance to examine and recall when it arrives from a distance.

"Alex's selection as a collaborator is about much more than the fact that he is a well-known and empathetic actor and photographer." Alex has power and care as a contemporary narrator that complements Ford's ideals and significant historical imprints. That is why we are inspired to have him along for the ride," says Kristine Dam Jensen, Marketing Communications Manager at Ford Denmark.

Alex traveled across Denmark in the new Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, which appears in numerous photographs.

Alex uses photography as a kind of therapy.

Alex Høgh Andersen has always been interested in visual expression, but it wasn't until he was in his teens that he became involved in the art of photography. When he travels across the world, he always brings his camera with him. He utilizes photography as a therapeutic break and a free area to think about things other than comments.

"I have the drive to present stories that have something on my mind in both my acting and photographic work. "The new picture series is about big changes soon, but it is also about crucial environmental decisions that we as customers must make," says Alex Høgh Andersen.

The future is powered by electricity.

Electric vehicles are taking up more and more space on the road, and the objective of Ford is a global transition to an electric future. By 2030, all Ford European passenger cars must be 100 percent electrified.

"The shift to electric transportation is a critical component of our aim to contribute to a sustainable future, and it is a trip that we would like to take the Danes on alongside Alex. "It is a collection of beautiful and thought-provoking pieces that inspire meditation as well as nostalgic memories," says Kristine Dam Jensen, Marketing Communications Manager at Ford Denmark.

The photographic works' vernissage begins on Thursday, September 16. Following that, the original photographs will be auctioned off at from September 21 through September 28. The money earned will go to the Red Cross, for which Alex Høgh Andersen is an ambassador.


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