The French drama about revenge and thievery, "Lupine" starring Omar Sy, became the most-watched tv series on Netflix in the first three months of 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Netflix, 76 million users around the world watched at least a couple of minutes of the tv series in the first four weeks after its release. The result was more powerful than Netflix's initial estimate less than two weeks after Lupine premiered on the platform on January 8th. Then, according to specialists, the tv series was supposed to be viewed by 70 million viewers.

76 million viewers are considered to be one of the highest in the history of a series on Netflix. Before that, only the Bridgerton project (2020) displayed a better result: it drew 82 million viewers around the world.
Other popular Netflix tv series featured in the quarterly report include Fate: The Winx Saga (57 million views), Who Killed Sara? (55 million views), Ginny and Georgia (52 million views), Firefly Lane (49 million views) and Cobra Kai (45 million views).

The "Lupine" tv series is based on a series of adventure novels about the noble thief Arsene Lupine by French writer Marcel Leblanc. The plot takes place around an immigrant from Senegal named Assan Diop (Omar Sy). He avenges his father, who was framed by a wealthy family.


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