Long enough to cover three-quarters of an arm, opera gloves have been the focus of some seasons. Lately, however, their trend has gained momentum, and they have become a practical accessory, worn and adored even by celebrities on the red carpet.

Opera gloves are in vogue in 2022, and we will find them everywhere. And last but not least, it reminds us of the iconic elegance of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. But, of course, grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Sarah Jessica Parker are also known to wear elegant and noble accessories and royal outfits.

Moreover, the tradition of elegant gloves has an older history than we would have expected. Historians show that they were worn during the dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs, as they have a specific socio-economic connotation. When they were opulent, they designated a rich person who played an essential role in society.

Today, opera gloves are a distinguished, immortal, and classic accessory. You can style and update in many modern and contemporary ways to create a special and unique look. In short, in 2022, long opera gloves can be worn by anyone and come in various materials, with multiple prints and colors. Whether you prefer the ones made of feminine lace, rich velvet, tulle or transparent and mysterious veils, or you want them simple or adorned with ruffles or small details such as buttons or bows, white, black, nude, red or in various colors, there is a pair of opera gloves for everyone. Opera gloves are also in trend with the color of the dress or outfit.

We also find opera gloves in their classic version, but occasionally in the shorter version, keeping the same allure of elegance. But, of course, you can also turn them into a perfect party accessory, and then you can opt for a bolder version of gloves, maybe even gold or silver metallic material. And for the impact to be total, you can also come up with the icing on the cake: massive bracelets superimposed on them on the wrists or opulent rings, statement. @via Haut Fashion.


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