Audrey Hepburn is recognized as one of the most outstanding women of the 20th century, and her appearance is still the standard of beauty. Until old age, she looked sophisticated, well-groomed and elegant, which means that we have a lot to learn from her.

“Why change? Everyone has their style" said the legendary Audrey Hepburn. She became famous for her flirtatiousness and she was able to maintain the innocence and ease of her image even in adulthood.

Try not to gain weight.

Did you know that in Breakfast at Tiffany's, she played 18-year-old Holly Golightly as a 32-year-old mother of two? The slenderness of Audrey Hepburn was one of the reasons that she looked much younger than her years. How did she stay slim? She ate strictly three times a day and was not in the habit of snacking. She loved fresh vegetables and pasta with tomato sauce and only occasionally allowed herself to eat dessert.

Keep your back straight

Another reason for Audrey's youthful appearance was her impeccable ballet posture. Straightened shoulders, a straight back, a tucked-up belly and a proud positioning of the head will make your bust visually higher, your waist - thinner and get rid of the loathed double chin.

Don't forget about the beauty sleep

Audrey Hepburn knew how important quality sleep is for beauty and health, so she had a habit of taking a nap after lunch. Her son Sean told about this in his memoirs: “Early and protracted filming taught her to sleep in the afternoon. After sleeping, she always ate a piece of chocolate - but only one! She said that chocolate dispels sadness. "

Use light floral scents

When, in 1957, Audrey suffered from depression after a miscarriage, the friendly house of Givenchy released her first perfume for her. “I forbid you to be sad,” perfumer Francis Fabron told her and called his floral-aldehyde creation L'Interdit (“Prohibition”). The second favourite scent of the actress was Creed's delicate floral-fruity Spring Flower. When you use a light and breezy perfume, others subconsciously perceive you as a younger person.

Walk as much as possible

Despite her ballet background, Hepburn was not a big fan of sports, and besides, she smoked a lot all her life. To make up for the lack of oxygen in her blood, she took long walks every day with her dog, a Yorkshire Terrier.

Add softness to your hair

Over the years, the fashion icon abandoned graphic and minimalistic bob and began to make voluminous styling with smooth waves. With age, hair loses its softness and volume and becomes more brittle. To avoid this, Hepburn used an elasticizer mask from Philip Kingsley. Thick and silky hair will help you look years younger.

Do good deeds

Others remember Audrey Hepburn as an understanding, caring person and a loving mother. Her kind smile and shining eyes always shone with youth. After the end of her acting career, she actively worked as a special ambassador for UNICEF: the star helped provide children in third world countries with food, drinking water and medicine.


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