Sometimes something that doesn't seem too complicated can be confusing. That is why I have written this short article on using promo codes on Etsy. So that, if it turns out that you have one, you can take advantage of it in your purchases.

What is a coupon on Etsy?

A coupon or promotional code is a keyword that reduces the cost of the purchase (applying a discount percentage, a fixed discount or free shipping). For example, "SUPER15", "HAPPYBIRTHDAY", "MYFAVOURITESHOP", etc. These are all examples of coupons (any valid code would be a coincidence, the samples were made up by me).

How to use my discount coupon on Etsy

We imagine that you already have a code for the store where you plan to make a purchase. So let's go for it!

I'm going to use the Etsy mobile app as an example, but you can do the same on the web.

We open the store, add to cart what we want to buy and enter the cart to finalize the purchase. Before applying the code, the example bracelet is worth 29 euros. Then, we click " Add a store discount code " and enter the coupon.

If the coupon is valid and everything is correct, you will see how the price has changed (hopefully now it is less than before, hehe).

All perfect! With the 15% discount, the bracelet is worth 24,6 euros.

Where can I find a discount coupon?

Depending on how the offer is set up, the buyer can receive their coupon through push notifications from Etsy or other sources.

Your activity in the store is the best way to get a discount.

If you like an article, mark it as a favourite! This action supports the seller in the search, and you may receive a coupon even before buying anything.

If you like an article, add it to the cart! If you have not arrived to make the purchase today, you may receive a discount coupon as a reminder a few days later.

Another option is to do the shopping. It is not a guarantee, but, for example, after the purchase, the seller can send you a message praising you for your purchase and giving a coupon to you. Or you find it together with your order as a thank you note. Or the seller shares it publicly on their social networks during a promotion. There are many ways. The important thing is if you have been lucky enough to catch a coupon (even if it is 10%), take advantage of it.?

The seller is interested in you doing it.

A discount is a gift that the seller makes to his buyers. Your favourite fashion store may not have an offer running right now, and even if you do what I have described, the seller does not share any codes. That can also happen.

But equally, the use of discount coupons is a good form of collaboration that benefits both parties.


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