The time around Christmas and New Year is the most dangerous for driving because there are so many people on the roads, and it is dark and slippery. Before you go away for Christmas, here are some road safety tips.

If you have the chance, try not to travel when traffic is at its worst. This year, the weekends around Christmas and New Year's are December 22–23, December 27, 30, and 31, and December 28–29.

Plan your route, and choose safe highways and two-lane roads with barriers in the middle if you can. Before you leave, you should also check for road work, the state of the roads, and the weather. Feel free to use the situation in traffic, a web service from the Transport Administration. There, you can find out if there are road repairs or snow problems on the route you want to take. If you drive an electric car, you can find the closest place to charge it.

The most significant thing is to ensure you have good winter tires that grip icy and snowy roads. And before you leave, remember to check the air pressure. Read through the list below to ensure you are ready for your trip.

  • Make sure the car has good tires.
  • Check all lights.
  • Check the wiper blades, top up, and bring extra washer fluid.
  • Bring a tow line, snow shovel, and jumper cables.
  • Pack right. Heavy luggage along the bottom and against the backrest. Do not store anything on the hat shelf.
  • Bring a flashlight with working batteries.
  • Bring extra warm clothes and something to eat.
  • Make sure the mobile phone is charged.
  • Keep the speed limits and the distance to other vehicles.
  • Take frequent breaks if you are going long distances.
  • Use a reflective vest if you leave the car at a stop.

A driver must be alert and well-rested for a long trip in the dark and possibly bad road conditions. So, it would be best if you didn't travel in the evening after a long day at work. On long trips, often stop and feel free to bring food to eat in the car to give yourself more energy. Drive "smart" and change your speed depending on the weather and the road.


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