Both people and dogs are especially interested in the change of seasons. When nature changes its clothes, it makes walking and working out more fun and gives you more energy. That, of course, also includes how to get there and back, usually by car. The insurance company offers tips on keeping your dog safe in the car so that you can have a better time in nature as summer turns to fall and winter.

Winter, spring, fall, or summer. Likely, that man's best friend doesn't care what time of year it is. On the other hand, they all have something different to offer that makes life for a dog the best it can be. This is this, and this is now.

Still, there's something extra exciting about the change from one season to the next. Every walk is like a new adventure for the person and the dog, with new smells, sounds, light, and a change in the air. Once more, the call of the road leads to new places or old favorites where you can enjoy nature.

Even though each season is different, they all share something. To get the most out of the experience, the trip there and back is just as important as the destination and the reason for the journey.

The dog's mood changes during the car ride, just like ours do. If we feel safe, healthy, and well-rested when we get there, the experience will be so much better.

Mariah Hohentahl's job for almost 20 years has been taking care of animals and ensuring they are healthy. First, she worked at an animal hospital, and now, eleven years later, she is the claims manager for animal injuries at the insurance company If.

"She says that dogs are just like people in that they want to be able to sit comfortably and have room to move around. They need enough room to sit up and lie down. When people drive, many dogs like to be able to look out the window. So, it's just as important to choose a car that the dog likes and feels safe in as it is to choose a car that fits the needs of the people in the family."

Safety is the first and most important thing to think about. For people, there are clear rules about where they can sit in a Subaru Solterra and how they should do it.

There are also rules about how animals can be moved, but they are not as detailed. The government states that a dog must not get hurt or suffer in any way while transported. It all makes a lot of sense. A dog shouldn't be running around in the passenger area!

Mariah says that even the smallest, lightest dogs can be thrown with so much force in a crash that they can hurt everyone in the car. The chance of getting injured increases with the dog's size and weight. If the vehicle has a hatchback or a body like a hatchback, and the driver can keep an eye on the dog the whole way, the dog can ride in the trunk.

Mariah says that the basic rule is that the cage should be 1.1 times as tall as the dog and 2.5 times as wide as the dog's chest. It's essential that the dog can stand and lie down comfortably, but if its cage is much bigger, it's more likely to get hurt in a crash or when the car stops quickly.

During the colder months, it's also important to remember that the cabin can't get colder than -5°F. Mariah suggests giving the dog a warm surface to sleep on, like a sleeping pad or other heating blanket.

Common sense. When a dog rides in the Subaru Solterra electric car safely and comfortably, it is happier and more active.

You should give the dog a little time to warm up when you get there. Even more so after a long trip, says Mariah. Even if the dog likes to run away as soon as it gets out of the car, it is always best to start with a calmer walk. This allows the body to loosen up and reduces the risk of muscle strains and other problems.


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