Microsoft's so-called blue screen of death (BSoD) has turned black in the new Windows 11 operating system. The screen appears when users have a problem with their computer, most often requesting a restart.

A black background replaced blue, the colour matching the login and lock screens in the new system, according to The Verge, quoted by the BBC.

BSoD allows IT professionals to diagnose hardware and memory problems and includes information and data that can help identify them.

In 2016, a QR code was added to the screen that users can scan to find out more about the malfunction.

Windows 8 also added an unhappy face in 2012.

Windows 11 was released last month and will be available as a free update for Windows 10 users - although some devices may not run the new system.

Microsoft will give up Windows 10 in 2025. Another visual change is the start button, which has been moved down to the centre of the screen.

Windows 11 will be available later this year, but Microsoft has not given an exact date.


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