More than 10 years after having revolutionized soft mobility with the first gyropod, the Segway company is trying to put the first hydrogen motorcycle on the market under the name of APEX H2.

Resolutely futuristic, with a fluid design, clean lines and a very strong visual identity, this electric hybrid motorcycle would undoubtedly find her place in the scenario of more than one science fiction film.

The originality of the approach lies in the use of a hydrogen-electric hybrid configuration powered by a fuel cell. It should be possible to equip this hydrogen motorcycle with several fuel cells, easy to change and then reload. No need to stop and refuel on the way!

On the performance side, the new Segway APEX H2 electric hybrid motorcycle announces promising figures. It would accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds thanks to its 60 kW (80 hp) electric engine. The top speed is announced at 150 km / h which will comfortably open the fastest lanes. The only unknown is the autonomy, but Segway announces a consumption of 1 gram of hydrogen per km. It remains to develop an accessible and sufficiently dense hydrogen distribution network to guarantee the serene use of this electric vehicle.

The new Segway APEX H2 electric hybrid motorcycle should be marketed at a price of around € 9,000. We can bet that this approach will be a success and will make it possible to see the outcome of the project.


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