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Evsuspension.com is a website that provides news and information about electric vehicle (EV) suspension technologies. EV suspension is a system that supports the wheels and absorbs the shocks from the road surface, while also generating electricity from the wheel movement and using it to recharge the battery.

The website covers various topics related to EV suspension, such as:

  • The latest developments and innovations in EV suspension technologies, such as Michelin Activ Wheel, Stony Brook University Regenerative Suspension, and Intertronic Gresser GmbH Regenerative Suspension.
  • The benefits and challenges of EV suspension for electric vehicles, such as improved ride comfort, reduced noise and vibration, increased efficiency and range, lower maintenance costs, but also increased weight, cost, and complexity.
  • The different types and models of electric vehicles that use or are compatible with EV suspension, such as cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, bikes, and buses.
  • The reviews and opinions of experts and users on EV suspension and electric vehicles.

The EV Suspension website also features a search function that allows users to find relevant articles by keywords or categories.

Evsuspension.com is a reference in the world of mobility and a useful source of information for anyone interested in EV suspension and electric vehicles.


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