Stellantis' presence in the two largest RV industry trade shows, the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (28 August - 4 September) and the Salon des Véhicules de Loisirs in Paris (24 September - 2 October), demonstrate the brisk interest in the recreational vehicle (RV) market. Results on par with those seen before the outbreak show that the market is recovering strongly.

Stellantis, under the Fiat Professional banner, was present at last week's Salon des Véhicules de Loisirs in Paris Le Bourget, where attendees could test-drive motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato. Four brands were presented for the first time, including Fiat Professional, Citroen, Peugeot, and Opel, giving the Group a much more significant presence at the show and making its booth a focal point for enthusiasts and transformers. It is an unprecedented move that highlights the Group's capacity to serve a wide variety of consumers while retaining the quality that has propelled Stellantis to the top of its industry in recent years.

Stellantis' strategy, which intends to consolidate its leadership and expand into new segments of the RV market, is well-aligned with the "family for families" idea it introduced during the Caravan Salon. In addition, Stellantis is working on a solution for a small camper van. This flexible and cutting-edge vehicle meets a rising need brought on by the presence of younger-than-average consumers with fewer space requirements and trying to find cars that can be used for both leisure and practical purposes while maintaining a high level of maneuverability.

Stellantis's decision to shift some production at its Polish plant in Gliwice from commercial vehicles to the construction of camper bases is further evidence of the company's commitment to the recreational vehicle industry. This shift will increase the factory's output beyond previously thought possible.

Last but not least, spending on technology has not slowed as we seek to strike a compromise between preserving the environment and maximizing output. In reality, Stellantis is already equipped to meet the demand for BEV cars, even in the RV industry. At the same time, however, the development of Diesel propulsion is ongoing to guarantee that this type of engine complies with all relevant regulations.

Stellantis Head of Light Commercial Vehicles, Enlarged Europe Eric Laforge said, "Stellantis presents itself as the largest player in the RV sector, able to offer the most articulated and flexible range in terms of dimensions, fittings, and engines, with the support of a production rate destined to proliferate." An unrivaled partner for the Caravan industry, the Group has "always been connected to transformers and end users, whose needs are taken into account from the design process to after-sales assistance."


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