If you want to ensure the need for vegetables for a year and you have decided to build a greenhouse or a solarium for your family, find out that you need about 15 square meters. You should also have a small tool shed next to this construction. With great care and obvious skill, you can get the desired vegetables and greens at any time. Your trips to the market will be rarer, and the pickles for the winter will also be provided.

Choosing the best place to build a solarium or greenhouse

1. Position. It is advisable to place the greenhouse in a bright place, without trees around, but somewhat sheltered from strong winds and why not, very large blizzards in winter.

2. Soil moisture must be low during the winter. The greenhouse or solarium should be located slightly sloping and high if there is a danger of flooding or the possibility of water stagnation

3. Soil fertility should be controlled with natural fertilizers or by replacement with good forest or uncultivated soil. Loosening and drainage is also recommended by digging and mixing with sand

The costs of a garden greenhouse vary depending on the size and complexity of the construction, the desired durability, and materials' availability.

Good to know!

A greenhouse built by you personally will permanently need permanent care, if you build it from recycled materials, ie with minimal costs.

3 important things to keep in mind when building a greenhouse

1. Structure

The greenhouse structure must be light, strong and well anchored. For example, a tunnel solarium is useful for any gardening enthusiast who can make his work easier and provide him with crops for a longer period of time.

2. The plastic wrap

The plastic wrap must be resistant to winds and rain. The foil can also be replaced with transparent polycarbonate glazing or sheets. This is just because they have greater durability. If you want a professional greenhouse it should be equipped with a thermal power plant, ventilation system, shelves and beams.

3. Irrigation

Water plays an important role in the life of vegetables, but even more important is when we talk about vegetables planted in greenhouses or solariums. The number of waterings in greenhouses and solariums depends on each plant. It is recommended that irrigation be done even twice a day - morning and evening during very hot periods. Also, irrigation is done by two methods: drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Irrigation products are used differently, depending on what vegetables we choose to plant. The irrigation regime in greenhouses and solariums depends on the degree of aeration and heating.

Good to know!

The water used for watering must be clean. Rainwater is increasingly used in greenhouses and solariums. Watering with cold water should be avoided. After harvesting the seedlings, do not water for 2 weeks, and before harvesting tomatoes, avoid watering because there is a risk of fruit cracking. In the cold season, the temperature must be the same as in the greenhouse, so as not to cause the soil to cool down.


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