We have all spent more time at home in the last year, which is why the house has become a true sanctuary where we seek to feel better and find the comfort we need. If you work at home, it is even more necessary to turn your flat or studio into a place you like.

Light can dramatically change the way every room in your home looks and feels, so when you don't want to do a general renovation or remodelling, a few lighting fittings will bring something new. Here are some recommendations:

Improve the technology used

Trends are now focusing on more environmentally friendly, low energy and sustainable consumption. Even if you don't live in a greenhouse yet, you can make small changes that matter in the long run. For example, choose an LED bulb for all the lighting fixtures you have in your house and you will enjoy a lower electricity bill. Also, the light provided by LED bulbs varies from warm to cold and you can opt for different layers in your home, depending on the tasks.

With the right technology, you can decrease energy consumption by up to 80%. In time you have the option to choose smart lighting systems with colourful bulbs and create a truly unique atmosphere in your home.

The concept of layers or layers of light for your home helps to delimit the rooms according to the purpose of each. Moreover, light layering helps you to give a special glow to the light in your home. This concept is especially suitable for modern homes with open space rooms. In these, it is more difficult to visibly separate each room, and the lighting can help you in this regard. The work area in the kitchen, above the countertop, must be illuminated with cold light and you can use LED strips installed on the edge of the suspended furniture.

Instead, the dining area is cosier, it needs to be friendlier, and the most suitable lighting fixtures are the chandeliers as low as possible, with light bulbs. The right lighting can also help you make space look bigger if the light is strong enough and you choose various lighting fixtures for each area of ​​a room. Install a reading area in the living room, with a task light above an armchair or a smart light bulb that allows you to adjust the intensity and type of light, depending on the time of day.

Install various lighting fixtures

When thinking about the lighting of your home, do not limit yourself to suspended bodies such as chandeliers or chandeliers. To enjoy a truly special and comfortable environment at every moment of the day, light lamps, sconces and decorative light strips. Lamps and floor lamps can also be used for task light at the office or near the sofa, but you can light your hallway, bathroom and kitchen with LED strips with warm or cold light, but also through wall sconces. Decorative lighting will give a special atmosphere to your home, especially for the moments when you do not want to use the main lighting source.

It may be too strong or too cold for relaxing moments in the evening. The sconces can also be used to highlight certain paintings or posters that you have installed on the wall and that represent you.

The atmosphere in your home will leave its mark on your daily situation. Even if there must be a balance between practical and aesthetic aspects, it is increasingly important to take into account the effects that lighting has on the overall decor of the home.


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