Just a few days ago, the first Abarth 500e electric car came out, and the company that makes the scorpion is already working to make it even faster. The Abarth 500e electric sports car currently has a 42 kWh battery and one electric motor that drives the front wheels. The declared power figures are 155 hp and 235 Nm of torque, or 37 hp and 15 Nm more than the new Fiat 500e electric city car.

CEO Olivier Francois of Abarth confirmed that the house of the scorpion is already working on versions of the model with even more power.

The latest report comes from Autocar, which recently sat down with Olivier Francois, the CEO of Fiat, for an interview. He revealed that Fiat is already working on ten new cars, five of which will be launched within the next five years. During this discussion, Francois also revealed that Abarth is already working to make this electric car faster.

Francois said, "Everyone is already working to make this car faster, sportier, and louder." As the current platform has reached its limits, Fiat will need to use Stellaris technologies to do even better.

Stellantis has already shared a lot of information about its STLA electric platform, which is good. STLA Small, with a range of 500 km and a battery power of up to 82 kWh, is the most likely candidate for Fiat products. That's almost twice the size of the current battery, so a faster Abarth 500e electric sports car could easily make 250 bhp.

So we'll have to wait and see what the scorpion car company says about future versions of the Abarth 500e that are faster than the one shown recently. 


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