Venice is located on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Majestic architecture, a unique atmosphere of freedom and lightness, lively labyrinths of streets - all this creates a unique ensemble that must be seen, heard and felt. The entire historic centre of Venice is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

Venice got its name from the name of a group of tribes that in ancient times inhabited this territory. The Venets assimilated over time, and now their descendants can be seen on the local streets.

Mild winters rarely indulge in snowfalls and frosts, and the average temperature is about +5 C °. In summer it is quite hot here: the air warms up to +25 - 27 C °. Arriving in Venice, you should be prepared for high humidity and rainfall. The best moment to visit Venice is in May and June. During these months, it is not very hot here, and at the same time, the air has already warmed up enough to make the walks comfortable.

From novels, stories and anecdotes, from photographs, paintings and films, we already have our own opinion of ​​Venice: it is a diva among other towns in the world, shining with exceptional brilliance. It seems that everything here has already been photographed and described a thousand times, and nevertheless this city still strikes on the spot: despite the crowds of tourists, Venice appears before us as beautiful as we imagined it to be.

Venice, a city on a lagoon, is over a thousand years old. Sandbanks always saved her from the fury of the Adriatic Sea, which, however, repeatedly managed to break through to the city. About one hundred and sixty churches and numerous palaces speak of the special place occupied by Venice in the world.

Venice is an open-air architectural museum with international biennials of contemporary art, film and music festivals, drama and opera houses.

Flooding panicking the city has become an indispensable component of the urban myth. The houses here are built on piles, which every year sink deeper into the muddy soil. An even greater danger is threatened by rising sea levels and more frequent floods.

The old town bears the imprint of past centuries. Ancient architecture, tranquillity of canals, crowds of people that are always present in commercial cities. Only modern street signs and gadgets remind us that it is the 21st century.

The Doge's Palace is a beautiful Gothic building that has changed its purpose several times in the course of history. From its balconies, where you can now walk during the tour, powerful doges once greeted their underlings.

One of the most recognizable bridges in Venice, Ponte dei Sospiri, connects the palace with the neighbouring building, where the prison was once located. Its name has nothing to do with romantic stories.

St. Mark's Cathedral is the heart of Venice, a temple that is rightfully considered its trademark. Created in the 9th century, it still summons believers. It attracts attention not only with amazing frescoes and objects of art but also by the fact that the relics of St. Mark, the holy martyr Isidore, are located here.

The columns of Saints Mark and Theodore are among the most recognizable symbols of the square. They are adorned with majestic statues.

Due to the peculiarities of the location of the city, there are simply no roads in it. Narrow stone-paved streets wind between the houses, but waterways are used for long-distance travel. The most famous of these is the Grand Canal, which divides Venice in two. The most beautiful buildings of the city are located along with it, so a boat trip will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are three types of transport that can be used to travel through the canals. The most famous are vaporetto. Tourists are advised to buy a travel card that is valid for all rides. River taxis are somewhat more expensive, but in this case, you will not have to put up with a crowd of tourists, and the speed of movement will be much higher. The last, most luxurious option is the gondola. They are rented for a specific time, an hour of travel will cost about 80-100 euros depending on the time of day.

After sunset, when the heat subsides and most tourists go to their hotels, Venice seems to be reborn. The glow of the lights, which are reflected in the waters of the canals, creates a festive atmosphere. This impression is only strengthened by the fact that music is literally heard from everywhere: from open doors of cafes and restaurants, clubs. For those looking for a place where they can dance until the morning to the fiery rhythms, the city does not offer many options for entertainment, most of which are located far from the centre.

Lovers of romantic walks should definitely go on a journey through the city at night. All the sights that we managed to see during the day will appear in a new light. Orchestras perform classical and contemporary music until late at night outside restaurants near Doge's Palace.

Arriving here, it is advisable to stock up on some cash. The fact is that most souvenir shops, sweet shops, hostels do not accept credit cards. To make your purchases in Venice profitable, you need to remember to bargain. Thus, you can reduce the price of any product by almost a third. Of course, this is only appropriate in small shops.

Arriving in Venice, it is difficult to resist not buying a variety of souvenirs and memorabilia depicting the main attractions. One of the must-have items on the shopping list is the Venetian mask. It is an invariable attribute of the carnival, thanks to which the city is famous throughout the world. Local craftsmen make such accessories from leather, paper-mâché, ceramics, porcelain and even glass. Here you can find images of the legendary Venetian Lady or the fearsome Plague Doctor. There are also masks of Harlequin, Pierrot and many other theatrical characters. The price of products directly depends on their size and the materials from which they are made.

Even despite the large influx of tourists, finding an overnight stay in Venice will not be difficult. It is easy to find hotels of any star here, as well as budget options - hostels. In order to spend as little time as possible on the road to attractions, it is advisable to choose businesses located in the centre of the city.


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